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Monday, October 18, 2010

hello all ! :)

let me introduce you my besties . her name is NURFARAIN BT SARAKAWI . known as areen lee, ain, adek n also JERANGKONG , hahaha. she gonna mad at me . well . all i know about her is, she born on 21/12/1995 . she had a big family . you what ? she love KPOP . especially UKISS .
hahahaha. they are so famous ! - areen said . i dunno . well good for her btw . i ❤her alot. i'll support everything about her . okay .I ❤ YOU ~~~! okay, i say it out loud now . hmmmm.. hope we gonna besties forever n ever . :) LOVE YOU ALOT AIN! she love to dance .
okay? she so hot, cute, nice and funny . she love fashion . well, girl mst love fashion btw . hmmmm, what i know about her? SHE IN LOVE! hahahaha. wanna know who?? syyyyhhhh... secret. well, can't tell you everything maa. hehe.

dear ain,
i want you to know that i'm glad that we are friends. hope we still be friends forever and ever. hope you'll succeed in your life and will find your prince charming. i hope you never forget our memory together. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH . well, i'm sorry my english is broken . hehe? :)

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