the blog hunter ❤

Saturday, October 30, 2010

okay . my life is full of colourfull again . ❤

                            i think i'm IN LOVE again . hoho . well, about 3 days texting with him, make my life more colourful again . i know i sound a little bit naive and weird also, but this is reality . everything i do, only him in my head all the time such as, while i'm polishing my nail, eating, have a bath, while i'm sleeping also . oh dear, i'm totally in love now . ho ho ho .

             i'm addicted to you now . but, we still not a couple yet although he already said to me that he like me . hehehe . just wait and see . OKAY? :)

my favourite song and singer is my idol . KATY PERRY ❤

Thursday, October 28, 2010

while online.. ❤

okay . while reading REMAJA MAG, i'm listening RAIN'S SONG. LOVE STORY .

after finish reading REMAJA , i continue reading YEZZ! well, i found something interesting in that book .

beautiful girl vs hot boy . n then mars vs venus. well, interesting to me. because we will know what the best for all kind of ladies n fashion. well, i adore fashion such a long time already. hmm,. and also we all GIRLS jgn lha cemburu buta also. BOYZ hate it , hehehehe. okay . thats all for today. bubye! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

my favourite ❤

celine dion
my idol. CELINE DION . she's hot! I LOVE HER! awww. i love her song. all of her song . even i have her album. i'm totally crush on her. god!

hello all ! :)

let me introduce you my besties . her name is NURFARAIN BT SARAKAWI . known as areen lee, ain, adek n also JERANGKONG , hahaha. she gonna mad at me . well . all i know about her is, she born on 21/12/1995 . she had a big family . you what ? she love KPOP . especially UKISS .
hahahaha. they are so famous ! - areen said . i dunno . well good for her btw . i ❤her alot. i'll support everything about her . okay .I ❤ YOU ~~~! okay, i say it out loud now . hmmmm.. hope we gonna besties forever n ever . :) LOVE YOU ALOT AIN! she love to dance .
okay? she so hot, cute, nice and funny . she love fashion . well, girl mst love fashion btw . hmmmm, what i know about her? SHE IN LOVE! hahahaha. wanna know who?? syyyyhhhh... secret. well, can't tell you everything maa. hehe.

dear ain,
i want you to know that i'm glad that we are friends. hope we still be friends forever and ever. hope you'll succeed in your life and will find your prince charming. i hope you never forget our memory together. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH . well, i'm sorry my english is broken . hehe? :)

what a great day :)

hey hey hey ! anne here . good morning everyone . well, hari tok kaki aku nang sakit gilak2, x tauk lha phal. aneh ryte ? well, aku mok jln kuar, tp mls mok bngun . errrrrr boleh kha pya ? hehehehe. dolok ada lha seGENG yha bencik an aku smpey molah anti aku jak gk . but, SO WHATEVER . hehehehe. kinek tok, cdak gk kaie sma sndri . WTF?! huhuhuhuhuhuhu. balasan k KTKORG yha. GTH lha. aku gk blur tok . wait for my newpost ok ? :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

ok! I'm new kid in the town . :)

hey hey hey! now, I just wanna share all of you [ the reader ] about myself. INSYAALLAH, aku akan try mengisi blog aku . I'll try .OK . nama aku SHARAFIKAH also known as ANNE with IEYKAH . First cry on 01 OCTOBER 1995. Aku is the only baby-girl-has-grown-ups dalam famili aku. Aku anak bongsu dari lima beradik . hmmmmmmmmmm . Aku seorang yang simple, happy go lucky, goodie-goodie, not so nice and not so bad . Aku suka colour PURPLE and RED and BLACK and GREEN . Aku suka wana IJO digabung dengan wana ITAM . hot maaa . Aku guna CELCOM and also DIGI . OK . Enough about me . Wanna know some more, just continue reading my blog . OK?