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Sunday, October 17, 2010

ok! I'm new kid in the town . :)

hey hey hey! now, I just wanna share all of you [ the reader ] about myself. INSYAALLAH, aku akan try mengisi blog aku . I'll try .OK . nama aku SHARAFIKAH also known as ANNE with IEYKAH . First cry on 01 OCTOBER 1995. Aku is the only baby-girl-has-grown-ups dalam famili aku. Aku anak bongsu dari lima beradik . hmmmmmmmmmm . Aku seorang yang simple, happy go lucky, goodie-goodie, not so nice and not so bad . Aku suka colour PURPLE and RED and BLACK and GREEN . Aku suka wana IJO digabung dengan wana ITAM . hot maaa . Aku guna CELCOM and also DIGI . OK . Enough about me . Wanna know some more, just continue reading my blog . OK?

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