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Thursday, November 18, 2010

okay, sad mode and i HATE 2010's now (╥_╥)

okay, i don't know what to say but i HATE 2010's now . my brother, my cousin and now my uncle died on this same year . what just happening?

is this called HIKMAH ? so weird . but its ALLAH decided to be happen like this . hmmm . but, now what? i just HATE 2010's . hmmm . although my sister-in-law just get pregnant again, my three awesome cat's pregnant and i have a boyfriend at last but all this is nothing to be compared by three people who i LOVE and CARE died in a same year . well, my father just come out from hospital in this same year . exactly in a same YEAR !

well, my boyfriend's life . his grandpa already in ICU . two of his family died in this year too . what?! oh my ! i really hate all of this . really . hmmm . oh, ABANG, just chill and relax 'coz i know what you feel . hmmm . just remember that i'll be by your side every time you happy, sad or even mad . okay? I LOVE YOU .

P❤S .

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