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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


back-to-school after a week school breaks for CHINESSE NEW YEAR ! hahahahahhaha . angpow ley ? okay , although we all Malaysians celebrate CNY, but, my teacher give us some homework for our GORGEOUS school break though :)

and of course, I'm so lonely without a BOYFRIEND . well, I'M SINGLE . but, my BESTGIRLFRIEND told me that some guy like so much . I wonder who . do I know him ? well, like usual I'm wake up so early because I'm so excited want to go to my BELOVED and AMAZING school ; SMK ROSLI DHOBY . wah. what a great school I attend to . when I reached to my the BEST class ever, 4C, I already heard FADZLEY singing in the class and all the girls laughing so badly . OH DEAR~ I thought  this gonna be a great and long day . so, like always my school always do . ASSEMBLE in the early of morning . singing our NATION SONG and our SCHOOL SONG in the morning is a great MOTIVATION for me . heee . laughing, focus , laughing and sleepy always there in my class . OH ! well, without my sexy and great friends like FADZEY, MUTIE, SHARON, ALPHONSUS, SHAWATIE, RUMIAZI, AZLIN, JEPHARRY, ASY and HADZIQ[the quiet one] my life will be miserable . hmmmm . well, I LOVE MY CLASS and MY SCHOOL and always MY GORGEOUS FRIENDS and also CLASSMATES :)


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