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Friday, October 5, 2012



i love October. why? its my birthday :D hahahahaha.

hahahahahahah :D happy birthday to me. today is also my MOMMY's day :D happy birthday mak :D five days later is my favourite COUSIN's day :D hehehe. happy early wish FARAH :D 

me (yg pakai tudung tu) FARAH

mama :D

hahahahah :D i love this month a LOT :D btw, thanks to AMIRAH my BFF for the awesome cardigan :D i love you sayang :D jadi its official i'm 17 now. and, tak lama lagi SPM ;( takk nakk! huhuhuhuhuhuhuh. tapi, guys, tolong doakan saya  tau :D BYE!! 

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