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Thursday, November 25, 2010

oh myyyyyyy ! ❤

❤ okay . today is Thursday and 25th/11/2010 . and again . a day without my leb . huhuhuhuhuhu . as usual i don't want to disturb him concentrate on his study . well, he's FORM 5 now . so, SPM still in the progress, so, disturb him might cause him not focus ! FOCUS ! okay ? hmmm . so, i wonder, what the is he doing right now? is he MISS me like i do ? is he done eating like i do? is he think of me like i do ? is he ? oh my god ! I MISS HIM A LOT ! hmmm . SEMOGA ABANG DAPAT MENJAWAB SEGALA SOALAN DALAM PEPERIKSAAN SPM DENGAN CEMERLANG DAN DENGAN HATI YANG TENANG . oh . amin ..

P ❤ S

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