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Sunday, November 28, 2010

well, i miss him a lot . . . ❤

❤ okay, abang sulung aku dah dapat kerja TETAP ! congrats . so,i'm all ALONE now. without my BOYFRIEND and my BROTHER . arrrggghh . now, only me, APPA n AMMA . hmm . going missing them much !

I miss you..
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ohh , ABANG, sayang miss abang ilak ilak . pa plh kitak knek tok bha ? ohh . I MISS YOU SO MUCH .

dear my eldest brother, while you at BETONG right now, don't ever you forget about me . take care of yourself . you must take care so much . no one gonna watch for you now. you by your own now .

' O ALLAH, i hope YOUR bless always by them both . please take care of them . i pray for you O ALLAH . '

aminnnn . ❤

P ❤ S

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