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Thursday, November 11, 2010

okay ! last night was AWESOME ! ❤

❤ oh yeah ! hahahaha ! last night i have a date with you-know-who . well , last we texting last night is "just wait n see " i wondered. wait for what and obviously see what ? but, suddenly i received a call from him and he said " turun debah kinek tok, abg dh ada ah debah " i just say " OKAY ! " hahahahahahahhahahaah . with my heart DUP-DAP-DUP-DAP i saw him on his motor with SEPET eyes . charming oh dear . hahahahahaha. falling in love again . hahahahahahaha . so, we talked an talked suddenly rain slowly comes down . so, we had to finish and short our conversation . and he suddenly kissed my cheek ! i just STUNNED . hahahahahaha . okay . but, well, i kissed him back . but only at his cheek . oh HELLO ! we still new okay?! hahahahaha . but, yeah i'm smiling 'till the ear. BIG SMILE ON MY FACE ! hahahahahaahah . i feel so happy and suddenly i miss him so quickly . hahahahahaha . what a great night i had . i sleep well for the first time . hahahahahaha . well, i'm not easily to falling in love. but , he was so charming and managed to make me accept him . and he accept me who-am-i . that is the most important . so i have to admit that I LOVE HIM a lot ! hahahahaha . okay . ❤

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