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Friday, November 12, 2010

what a day ❤

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❤ hello everyone ! i guess my dad still long journey at the hospital . oh dad, hope you get well soon . BTW, i miss him so badly . well, 23rd November he will sit on his exam . i guess he was trying to get enough study . oh dear, hope you ready and prepared for exam . i'll pray for you my LOVE . hehehe . ow, he said to me that he want to become a POLICE OFFICER . i just say ' GOOD FOR YOU ' . suddenly, he said to me ' IF YOU BECOME A POLICE OFFICER, IT'LL BE NICE . BOTH OF US WORKING TOGETHER . ' and i just say ' IF I WANT TO BE ' and then, he said to me again ' OH, WAIT ! SAYANG, YOU ARE TOO " TALL " TO BE A POLICE OFFICER ' and i just pinched him . oh, you so mean ! hahahahahahaha . well, I still LOVE YOU . hahahahahahahahaha . hmmm, so, i don't want to disturb him for a while because he need to concentrate to his study . hmmmm . I LOVE YOU . so, good luck for you . mmmuuuuaaaahhhh . XOXO smileyanne:) ❤

P❤S: i'll just leave him alone for a while, after that i'll disturb him again . hehehehe . mmmuuuaaaahhhh .

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